Thinking Community Coaching, 3 March 2017

‘Empowering communities through coaching conversations’

09.30 – Registration with refreshments and pastries

10.00 – Introduction and welcome; Peter Lumley (Coaching York) and Nigel Burchell (City of York Council)

10.10  – A local authority perspectiveMartin Farran (City of York Council) to open conference

10.25 – Keynote talk: ‘Standing on your own two feet’ by Professor Bob Garvey (Sheffield Hallam University)
The theme of the conference is learning to stand on our own two feet. In this keynote, Professor Bob Garvey explores what this means in a range of settings and considers the implications for the practice of community coaching.

11.15 – Morning Workshops

Workshop one: The building blocks of autonomy, with Professor Bob Garvey (Sheffield Hallam University)
In this workshop, Bob considers the processes and skills involved in creating autonomy and independence within coaching conversations. Drawing on recent research, it will be a practical session to stimulate discussion and debate.

Workshop two: Designing and running your community coaching programme, with Steven Page (Steve Page) and Geoff Ashton (C21 Coaching)
This workshop offers you the opportunity to develop a framework for designing and leading a community coaching programme, based on the recent experience of Coaching York in doing just that!  We will explore together the potential benefits and pitfalls of community coaching and share some of the lessons we have learned in Coaching York.

Workshop threeCommunity coaching coach and client experience,  with Bernadette Cass (Heworth Associates)
What was the volunteer coach experience being on the programme?  How do coaches benefit from participating in a community coaching experience.  What did we learn?  What do clients say about the experience?

Workshop four: Community coaching for longer, happier lives, with Judith Wardell (Kingswood)
Our communities are ageing. Continual advances in medicine and public health, health education and healthier lifestyles mean that life expectancy has increased by 30 years in the 20th century and continues to rise. It is estimated that one in 3 of the children born today will have a normal life expectancy of 100 years or more.
The gift of extra years of life should be a celebration but as our lives become more complex and diverse it become increasingly difficult to navigate a life course where we are happy, healthy, financially stable and able to live independently.
Coaching in communities could provide the vital support to enable people to make informed and confident choices about lives. Why are coaching tools so important for future generations and how do we embed these skills in our communities? What benefits would this bring to our society and public services?
This session explores a vision for a future in which communities help value and nurture the gift of longer lives.

12.30 – Lunch, hot buffet

13.30 – Live coaching community demonstration, with David Briten (York St John University)

14.15 – Open space workshops, the first half of the conference provides an opportunity for delegates to set the agenda for these workshops, which will be led by professional coaches who employ innovative techniques.

15.15 – Refreshments and cake

15.30 – Plenary, feedback from workshops, reflection and Q & A

16.00 – Networking event, with drinks and nibbles.