Standing on Our Own Two Feet – the role of Community Coaching

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Research by Coaching York and the City of York Council identifies the importance of community coaching in the current climate

Coaching is now widely recognised as an important force for change in the workplace but its potential benefits for wider society are rarely discussed. Coaching York and the City of York Council have collaborated on desk research into the concept and application of community coaching. Our thoughts on our findings are explored at a jointly-hosted conference in York on Friday 3 March, 2017. Professor Bob Garvey, Honorary President of Coaching York, will deliver the keynote. The conference will bring the public sector and coaching practitioners together to discuss how coaching can empower communities.

This preliminary research aims to establish the extent of the practice of Community Coaching. As Emery, Hubbell, and Miles-Polka (2011) write in A Field Guide to Community Coaching, a community coach is ‘a guide who supports communities and organizations in identifying and achieving their goals.’ The strength of community coaching lies in its emphasis on citizen empowerment, and it therefore represents a powerful solution to budget cuts and stretched resources for the public sector.

A copy of this research will be given to all conference delegates.




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